GrammarToGo provides copyediting services to self-publishers and authors.

The brain is a marvel at contextualizing. Even the most scrupulous writers can suffer typo-blindness when the synapses elide errors and fill in the blanks to grasp the intended meaning of our words.

It takes fresh eyes and keen skills to hunt down misspellings, errant punctuation, dangling quotation marks and parentheses, and grammatical issues that detract from elegant prose.

GrammarToGo will turn your manuscript around quickly so you can finalize your draft and keep your production schedule on track.

A Few Recently Completed Projects

The Little Town of Summerville by Robert Douglass
The Other Side of the River by Hal Dygert
The Avignon Affair by Gary McAvoy and Ronald L. Moore
The Jerusalem Scrolls by Gary McAvoy
The Magdalene Deception by Gary McAvoy
The Magdalene Reliquary by Gary McAvoy
The Magdalene Veil by Gary McAvoy
The Opus Dictum
by Gary McAvoy
The Petrus Prophecy by Gary McAvoy with Ronald L. Moore
The Vivaldi Cipher
by Gary McAvoy
One Will Too Many
by PJ Peterson
Played in Seattle by PJ Peterson
The Silent Slipper by PJ Peterson