Your Satisfaction Is My Goal

“On a hunch, I gave my fifth novel to Kathleen to have her hand at it. Honestly (and humbly), I didn’t think she would find many errors, as I’ve always considered my work fairly polished. Imagine my shock, then, when she returned the manuscript with some 1,800 typos, punctuational errors, disorderly grammar, and style improvements! So much for humility. Now I’m having her go back and do all four previous books since she is clearly better at this than I am. I don’t see how any author can do without GrammarToGo’s superior services, which I recommend without hesitation.”
Gary McAvoy, Bestselling Author of The Magdalene Chronicles and Vatican Secret Archives Thriller series

Readers Write

Review of The Avignon Affair:
“Thanks for the great entertainment. Your editor needs to be congratulated in spades because I did not see any errors!”
— Jim Harris, Washington

Review of The Magdalene Deception:
“The book was well-written, had virtually no grammatical or punctuation errors, was very well researched and delightfully entertaining….”
— Amazon Reviewer

“After a full developmental edit I had reservations about spending more for a copy edit. I thought about purchasing an editing tool but knew it had limits and little to offer for writing style. I needed to put the final touches on my manuscript—a mystery—so I could publish. I received my manuscript back from Kathleen and I beamed with gratification. Set before me were grammatical recommendations and occasional comments to help with flow and style. I could now publish with confidence with the added insight. Kathleen earned my trust and GrammarToGo will always put the final touch on my stories.”

Robert DouglassAuthor of The Jack Wellington Mysteries

“Kathleen Costello keenly appreciates the challenges of today’s literary marketplace. She comes to the table not only with red pencil in hand but a cheerleader’s enthusiasm. My book is a dialog-heavy crime novel set in 1941. In addition to rousting the usual suspects, she re-punctuated some of my dialog in ways that, without changing a word, heightened the tension. And she flagged some potentially embarrassing historical anachronisms. Kathleen is cheerful, available and her work inspires confidence. You couldn’t do better.”
Hal Dygert, Author of The Other Side of the River

“Kathleen Costello performed surgical magic with her red pencil on my recent manuscript. I had always thought my grammar and punctuation were excellent until I saw how she improved what I had written. Her copyediting skills are top-notch, with an amazing turn-around time as well. I will certainly be hiring her again for my next novel. And telling my friends.” 
PJ Peterson, Author of The Julia Fairchild Mysteries