Need an editor?

There are many different types of editing specialists. Most authors engage one or more editors in the course of finalizing their manuscripts. Which editor or editors are right for your project?

Copyeditors correct spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation, check cross-references, and prepare the style sheets that guide consistency and accuracy across the manuscript.

Line editors work at the sentence or paragraph level of a project. Like copyeditors, they correct errors, but their main focus is on improving the language and style of the text. Line editing may be performed as a separate service, in conjunction with developmental editing, after big-picture issues have been addressed, or in conjunction with copyediting.

Developmental editors develop a book or other project from the initial concept onward, working closely with the author or client to study competing works and create a product that stands out. Note that the terms “developmental editor,” “substantive editor,” “structural editor,” and “content editor” overlap and are sometimes used interchangeably for editors who identify and/or implement different large-scale strategies for improving a manuscript.

(descriptions cited from Editorial Freelancers Association)

GrammarToGo offers a combination of services including the keen eye of the copyeditor and the precision of the line editor. During an initial consultation, the author will define the desired scope of review and approve a sample edit of ten pages of manuscript.

Please consult us for our fee schedule based on your editing needs. We use the Editorial Freelancers Association’s rate ranges as a guide.