About Kathleen

The youngest of five children, Kathleen Costello recalls that missing out on what her siblings found so delightful about the Sunday “funnies” ignited her urgent need to master reading at an early age. Once the ability to read had unlocked the mystery of the punch lines, she set her sights on mastering the language and earned a place at the table for the family word games and puzzles. (Ask her about Perquackey.) She has never not been in the middle of savoring a good book.

She earned a bachelor of arts with honors in English literature and a master’s in social science research. A primary focus of her working life in nonprofit administration and higher education was as an in-house researcher, writer and editor. Magazines, technical reports, public relations materials, fundraising campaigns, website content, grant applications and technical reviews, and general correspondence have been her stock in trade for four decades.

There’s always a “go-to” person who is responsible for the final drafts in the office. Kathleen was that person for most of her colleagues over the years, and she was the college instructor who helped students polish their essays and reports.

Now, GrammarToGo’s founder and Red Pencil in Chief is applying her skills to carefully and respectfully perfecting manuscripts for authors and self-publishers. On her watch, commas and apostrophes learn to go where they belong.

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